Leading infrastructure portfolio

A1 Towers has the comprehensive passive mobile network infrastructure in Croatia, which is utilised to provide its partners with numerous opportunities for the development and expansion of their networks. Moreover, it provides services for the construction and maintenance of the passive mobile network infrastructure. All partners looking for fast, quality and cost-effective solutions to expand their networks can rely on the professional approach of A1 experts.

What we offer:

– Strategically positioned free-standing towers and antenna rooftop support structures.

– A team of dedicated experts who will advise and guide partners at every step: planning, design as well as overall management and maintenance.

– Simplified co-location process.

– Original and customized solutions for fast and efficient implementation of any project regardless of the scope, size and type of task.


A1 Towers has the passive telecommunications infrastructure that is strategically developed for the maximum coverage in an efficient manner, both in urban and rural areas. This enables the provision of the co-location services on its own infrastructure to other mobile operators, public institutions, IoT service providers and others.

A1 Towers ensures a high level of safety, quality and reliability thanks to its advanced monitoring and control systems.

We offer a solution for every infrastructural challenge

A1 Towers develops customized infrastructure solutions, whether they are free-standing towers or antenna rooftop support structures. We successfully manage all planning and construction challenges. We provide partners with detailed information about the locations (administrative and utility information, photographs), and for each area we have several locations so that we can choose the one that suits our partners best.